The ones that live forever

Long ago, before man was even a thought in the mind of Zeus, a massive war raged in the heavens between all the Immortal beings. The victors of the war, the Gods themselves, cast down the defeated and imprisoned them in the mountain of Tartarus. Now Hyperion, King of Crete, wishes to free them and see the Gods destroyed once and for all.

The movie Immortals was released in November, and anyone who was a fan of 300 is recommended to see it. The same slow-motion epic fighting scenes will thrill anyone seeking a good action movie.

The movie is built around a good story plot of revenge. Who doesn’t love seeing a movie about vengeance? Our hero, Theseus, is after King Hyperion for an unspeakable act he committed while destroying Theseus’ village. The end can be a bit confusing as it somewhat jumps all over the place. However, it is filled with fighting so the confusing plot can be overlooked.

Some of the story doesn’t coincide with actual Greek mythology, however. Even though the movie is fiction, a certain level of accuracy should always be maintained. For example, numerous gods perish in the movie after a seemingly unnecessary fight scene.  Another complaint that anyone who is a fan of prolonged action scenes will have is that the actual action is very short compared to 300.
Immortals fulfills its job as a thrilling action movie, but can use some tweaking compared to its role model 300.

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