Football superstar crowned Mr. CV

Every year, talented young men from CVHS who are in their senior year come together to showcase their special talents and humors. This competition, called Mr. CV, occurred on March 25 and was put on by the Spirit Boosters.

Out of the 11 senior boys who competed and dazzled the audience, only one young man could be crowned Mr. CV.

The night started out with the MCs Joon Joung and Kate Kim introducing the men and their dates. The senior boys competing were Tony Carrick with escort Casie Peterson, Chris Castle with escort Lindsey Broadbent, Carlyle Garrick with escort Sierra Valencia, Nate Han with escort Ashley Panko, Ray Huey with escort Mina Huynh, Zaiah Jones with escort Allie Cummings, Chris Kerner with escort Trisha Meyers, Kurtis Louie with escort Jasmine Fong, Anthony Montenegro with escort Sarah Lemp, Michael Small with escort Sara Boisse, and Bryan Weiger with escort Alyssa Isom.

After the introduction of judges Carol Nalty, Max Pallen, Connie Lekas-Lesatsas, and Andrea Eldridge, the entire group danced together, to start out the night full of entertainment.

“Every contestant looked sharp, and their escorts beautiful. Of the four Mr. CVs I’ve seen, this one definitely had the most talent and entertainment. Each contestant had great performances that had the crowd laughing,” commented Joung.

Up first in the show were Louie and Kerner, who square danced, had a “bollywood dance party,” and showed their moves to “I’m on a boat.” Although the crowd cheered and clapped for these two men, they awed and blushed for the next contestant. Han quieted the crowd down with his guitar, and sang to go along.

After the heart-touching talent of Han, Castle showed his appreciation for film by dancing to the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance. The next talent was also dance, by Carrick.

His style of “Evolution of Dance” was comical, and got the crowd cheering again.

Garrick performed a comic dance number of many different songs. Garrick seemed to speak to the audience, and the judges, going around and dancing next to them.

After intermission, the escorts thrilled the crowd with a dance to “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Immediately following their show was Montenegro, with a presentation of step-dancing.

Jones performed his own version of passion, through ballet. The song he chose spoke of soldiers going to war, and the crowd could see the emotion through Jones’ expressions and dance.

His ballet performance brought one of the judges, Lekas-Lesatsas to tears.

The crowd’s surprise to see a CVHS Justin Bieber was apparent when Huey took the stage. The crowd continued to laugh through Weiger’s dance to “Put a ring on it.”

The last talent of the day was Small, who showed his choir education, and sang for the audience. After one more group dance, the top five were announced. Garrick, Han, Jones, Montenegro, and Small all were called up on stage for the honor of top five. The People’s Choice award, chosen by the crowd, was then given to Garrick. The crowd cheered for him again.

After multiple dance offs, the moment the crowd had been waiting for arrived. Joung and Kim announced the first runner up, who was non other than the ballet master himself.

Jones gratefully accepted his second place prize, and waited to hear who would be crowned Mr. CV.

When the crowd heard Garrick’s name, everyone cheered and screamed. A crown was placed on Garrick’s head, and he thanked everyone for coming once again.

“All of the guys did a great job showing their personalities. It was a lot of fun, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy themselves,” said judge Nalty.

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