Girls varsity gets their first win

She strikes, she scores! On Dec. 10, the girls varsity soccer team was victorious over the Antioch High School Panthers in the pouring rain, with a score of 2-0 on the home field.

Juniors Izcalli Mariscal and Ashley Michalowski were major goal-scorers. The girls took about 20 shots on goal during the game, putting two of them in.

The Trojans had lost their first two games to Monte Vista and Carondelet, and tied their third with Deer Valley High. This was their first win of the season.

“I liked how we defended together as a team and worked together. And I also liked how we attacked and put pressure on them in the final third,” said coach Lauren Nadler after their win.

“I think the team camaraderie was better than it has been in all of the games and we connected more passes than we usually do,” added team captain G’ana Losson, a senior.

Conditions were awful as the rain continued throughout the entire game. This didn’t stop the team however; the ball was on the opponents’ side the majority of the game. In the entire second half, the CVHS goalie only touched the ball once.

Regardless, the girls had a lot to say in how to improve as a team.  “I think we can improve on connecting our passes and then opening up some of the entry ways to the final third,” freshman starter Myla Ogle commented.

However, a lot took place before the game, including a miscommunication on the schedule in the JV game and a delay in the varsity game, with girls only getting a 20 minute warm-up, compared to their usual one hour pre-game.

Make sure to come out to support the Lady Trojans soccer program as the season continues through December, January and February!

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