CVHS Trojans swish their way to victory

As the varsity basketball team went against the San Leandro High School Pirates, the Trojans fought a vicious battle and emerged triumphant, winning 63-62. The two teams would fight to the very last second for the win, but only the mighty Trojans stood tall.

When the first quarter came to a close, the Trojans were leading by 17-2, comfortably ahead. The Pirates, however, would come back to fight with a rapid and open offense, keeping the ball out of Trojan hands. Despite the excellent ball play, the Pirates would lose the ball time and time again to the superior Trojan offense, thus supplying the heavy-hitter Bryce Thompson with ammunition to score.  

“I had a lot of screens, so I gotta thank my team for good passes,” said Thompson.
Despite San Leandro’s loss, the Pirates displayed vigor and persistence on the court fighting tooth and nail for the chance to win. Using their large statures, their presence on the court was challenging to fight against.

“They were way bigger and stronger than us, and we had to try to keep them off the board,” said CVHS coach Anthony Geddins.

Throughout the game the Trojans pushed their superior offense to its apex with Lawrence Johnson and Thompson contributing a cumulative 38 points out of the 63-point game.

The Trojan team showed excellent ball work moving the ball through the ranks scarcely allowing the Pirates to touch it.

By the fourth quarter the Trojans were neck and neck with the Pirates. In the last minutes the Pirates scored multiple lucky shots, to the dismay of the crowd. With the Trojans rushing back, Johnson thundered out a three pointer taking the Trojans off the Pirates’ plank. After another score from the Pirates’ determined offense, and less than a minute on the clock, the game was lost in the eyes of the crowd.  

With a CVHS miracle our star player Thompson was fouled, giving him the chance to turn the game around once and for all. CVHS cheerleaders sounded the “I believe that we will win” uniting the crowd together. With 0.3 seconds left on the clock and the Pirate leading by a point, Thompson swished two free throws sending the crowd into a frenzy. The Pirates then attempted to launch back the ball for a possible retaliation, but were caught by the wide spread and animated Trojan defense, ending the game with a close score of 63-62.   

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