Volunteers sought for youth court

“Do you want to make a difference in the lives of other teens within your community? Volunteers are needed for the new Eden Township Youth Court,” reads the flier of the Eden Township Youth Court. Its mission is to support and educate the at-risk youths with resources to assist them in reaching their full potential and have better quality lives.

“We provide an alternate justice program to youth – adolescents in our community who commit non-felony offenses such as theft, vandalism, drug or alcohol possession, intent to sell, and/or use, trespassing, reckless driving, gang-related incidents, and assault and battery,” explained program director Rebecca Slaughter. “Teen juries determine the sanctions for each defendant including face-to-face or written apologies, jury service, educational training programs and classes, individual and group counseling, and community service.”

The community service positions available include prosecutor, defense advocate, jury member, court attendant, and translator. Training is available on-site and all work counts toward community service hours, which could help in all aspects of life, whether it be applying to college or to a job.

Contact program director Rebecca Slaughter at (925) 321-3470 or rebeccaslaughter@communityyouthcourts.com.

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