AP Art amazes audience

Culminated in one room, each of the AP Studio Art students presented their series to anyone interested in looking around. Art of different mediums, techniques, meanings, and colors in the CVHS CFA exhibition hall showcased the non-exhaustive talent of CVHS on April 20, 2023.

“One of the themes that’s evident in this show is their desire to connect with other people through their artwork,” shared AP art teacher Alexis Knudsen, reflecting on her students’ work.

Displayed in series, work presenting internalized societal pressures, abstraction, happiness and vibrant colors came out of the class this year. Senior Ellarin Baylon used her abstract art to express what she couldn’t express through words, which she hopes will cause people to ponder what their perception of art is.

Baylon with her series

“This was a really nice way to get everything out that was bringing me down or even making me happy. It’s another way I like to express myself. And it also helped me get through really difficult things I was dealing with, and helped me realize a lot of things about myself,” Baylon said–“each piece is like a step in my journey, which I think is pretty evident.”

Senior Amber Huizar seconded Baylon’s explanation of why she makes art; to express what is difficult in words. Huizar’s art focuses on perception and societal expectations.

Huizar’s piece, “Too Much”

While some art is meant to be interpreted deeply, some is just for fun. Juniors Sydney No and Lyna Hwang just want to make people smile with their pieces. Using bright colors, No expresses the stretches of her imagination.

No with her series

“I hope that they’re willing to explore. I hope they’re willing to take risks and just like, see things in different ways. And use their imagination more because I know a lot of adults and even people in high school, they just kind of cut themselves off and just focus on their jobs. But be creative and smile,” said No.

Hwang’s series

For Hwang, creating art is their hobby, “something I enjoy doing just for fun.” Using a variety of blues and yellows, they express the complexities of nostalgia.

 “People are so skilled in this class, and everybody feels afraid to show it but I think when people go to the AP Art Show they should realize how skilled the people around them are. And how amazing it is that people are out here sharing the deep, creative parts of their mind,” reflected junior Kristine Santiago. Santiago’s art features characters of their imagination, which they hope people will be able to relate to.

Santiago’s series

The AP Art Show was one opportunity for the CVHS community to grasp just how talented some of their peers are. As Knudsen said: “Everybody can make art, it doesn’t matter. You know, how skilled you are or how much experience you have. Everyone is capable of learning, growing and expressing themselves.”

One thought on “AP Art amazes audience

  • May 5, 2023 at 2:20 pm

    I believe that the AP art show was a great place for artists to express themselves. Artists could show how they really feel about the world, and it is a great place for people to start showing off their work. A lot of good art is lost in the world, because artists are afraid of showing off their work. The art show also showed that “art” is beyond traditional paintings and drawings, and as long as things could be admired, it could be art.

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