CVVA Enrollment Numbers Drop as Expected

Enrollment in Castro Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA) has slightly decreased, transitioning into the 2021-22 school year.

Most of the rapid increase in enrollment occurred during the previous school year, just when the pandemic seemed here to stay. Instead of a projected 100 to 125 CVVA students for the 2020-21 school year, enrollment exploded from 66 students to 297 students.

However, this year, that number decreased to approximately 240 students enrolling in CVVA. Schools reopening for in-person classes has reduced the urgency for students to continue their education online.

CVVA takes place on a website called “Edgenuity” which tracks students’ progress through courses and assigns work to the students. The platform includes features such as pre-recorded lectures and mini-lessons. Like a traditional class, not all the assessments are quizzes or tests.

CVVA junior Lidia Daneshvar described what a typical CVVA class may feel like compared to in-person classes. She is eagerly enrolled in two classes for her first year in CVVA with her other four classes in person.

“It’s very different. My first meeting today was with my history teacher online and we only meet online once a week for a check-in,” said Daneshvar.

Prior to the pandemic, the number of students enrolled in CVVA steadily increased since its beginning in 2016 for various reasons.

“Advantages students will tell you is it is more flexible when they work. Students liked it before the pandemic because it freed up time to take a junior college course,” said Kelly Abbott, a CVVA teacher for six years.

Although CVVA grants flexibility, some students decided not to continue due to the limits of the school.

Senior Cesar Sahagun enrolled in three CVVA courses last school year but decided not to continue online learning afterward.

“This year, I’m taking a lot of APs, which are not offered at CVVA,” said Sahagun. When asked about the disadvantages of CVVA, Sahagun explained, “The quality of the learning, some things weren’t explained well.”

Despite the drawbacks and decrease in enrollment of CVVA, the number of students remains higher than pre-pandemic levels.

“I was thinking of doing two high school classes on campus next semester and four online,” said Daneshvar.

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