Students reject another year of distance learning

While less than a third of CVHS students are currently attending live classes, 75 percent of CVHS students surveyed prefer to attend in-person learning in the 2021-22 school year. 

Educators and lawmakers in California’s Legislature still debate over the funding for distance learning and whether it is still necessary. Many schools in California currently use a hybrid schedule in which a school day lasts fewer hours than before the pandemic. 

While lawmakers in Sacramento are coming up with education guidelines, students and even staff can only wonder what is to come for next school year. Some factors they have to consider are technology access, learning struggles, and family circumstances.

“My hope is that everyone is on campus next year. My hope is that we can do events and bring school spirit,” said Activities Director Thomas Maloney.

The Olympian survey shows that 42.5 percent of CVHS students taken some form of the COVID vaccine through mid-May.

Although the general trend shows a rising percentage of vaccinations and desire to return to a normal schedule, students remain divided between the benefits of distance learning and the benefits of in-person school. 

ASB Vice President Lauren Green feels divided herself, taking into account these benefits of each from the past two school years.

“I do miss being in school and seeing my friends in between classes. At the same time, though, I like being able to relax and stay at home all day,” said Green.

When asked about how they felt about returning to a pre-COVID schedule, 17.5 percent of students recorded uncomfortable feelings, 50 percent declared themselves comfortable, and 32.5 percent reported a neutral position.

Regardless of what the procedures may look like, preparing for these changes is important. Principal Blaine Torpey is ready to adapt the school to these changes yet to be announced.

“I would like to know what our parameters are as soon as possible so we can plan. We know what distance learning looks like. We know what hybrid learning looks like. We know what in-person looking looks like,” said Torpey.

As the school year draws to a close, returning students are mostly optimistic about the upcoming school year.

“Even though we haven’t had a normal school year in a while, we will make sure that it is the best one yet!” said Green.

3 thoughts on “Students reject another year of distance learning

  • May 24, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    I really hope that by the next school year, the school will be open for in person learning, I had such a hard time trying to stay motivated and caught up with the class during distance learning. if more students are getting the vaccine and covid cases are going down, I think that by summer this whole thing will die down enough to be back to almost normal.

  • May 23, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    I got my first dose on May the 19th, 2021, and I will get my second dose on June the 9th, 2021, and I am getting the Pfizer vaccine.
    Please do NOT put me in distance learning ever again. I hated distance learning, and all it ever caused me is a feeling of extreme loneliness and pain and it was so much emotional pain that I don’t even think ANYONE would possibly be able to imagine, so PLEASE fully reopen schools, and PLEASE do us all a favor and add MORE time for students to socialize with each other, we all need justice for what lockdown and distance learning have done to us. I think that if anyone wants to stay home and to be in distance learning, then we should have an option that is SPECIFICALLY for those people and ONLY for the people that want to stay home, but other than those people, we should return to school full-time in August, and when I mean full time, I mean that school should be open 5 days a week starting next school year.

  • May 23, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    I got my first dose on May the 19th, 2021, and I will get my second dose on June the 9th, 2021, and I am getting the Pfizer vaccine.

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