Talents showcased at DECA show

The annual Got Talent Show hosted by the DECA club at CVHS was astounding! The audience was presented with a multitude of unique talents performed by students of all grades. The dance “Stand By Me” performed by Makena Rutishauser, Kayla Pereira, Karissa and Jenelle Vallortigara, Mackenzie Moral, and Tristan Marr took first place. This contemporary piece was stunning and left the audience breathless.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, DECA members and performers spent months preparing for an entertaining show. This event spreads awareness of not only DECA but of other various clubs on campus including BSU, Boochie Ball club, Smart Environment and more.

Many people in the audience were excited to see the performances to come.

“I just really wish I had a talent to share. Since I don’t have anything special about me, I came to the show to witness everyone’s unique talents,” said Rylan Boyd.

Every performance had the audience raised to their feet screaming for an encore.

“My favorite part of the show was all the different types of acts and how there were many people not part of DECA that volunteered to participate,” says Vice President of Apprenticeship Lauren Madan.

The audience was left in awe after each performer left the stage.

There is more to the talent show than just raising money.

“When it comes to CV’s Got Talent, it is really remarkable that Castro Valley High School has a variety of talent. That’s what’s most important. Students get to showcase their gifts and what makes them unique. They get an opportunity to share it with the campus,” said the DECA advisor Michelle Stephens.

The winners of the show danced their hearts out and left the stage with a huge plaque award. It was a close call but the judges came to a tough conclusion.

“We were judging on raw talent, skill, showmanship, creativity, and overall performance, and I think the group that won showed an intense skill and they practiced a lot to pull that one off. I’m really proud of them,” said English teacher Michael Langella.

Every act was extremely enjoyable to watch and it is amazing that CVHS has such talented students.

“The talent show connects to Trojan togetherness and it is exciting to see students outside of their environment and really get to see them do what they were born to do… It gives me joy because it gives me a chance to see the special gifts inside of themselves!” said Stephens.

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