Nikki Pitcher is Pitching in at CVHS


Amidst all the crazy staff changes going on this year, Nikki Pitcher has joined the CVHS administration team as the assistant principal for Houses Two and Three (last names Huey-Milligan). She is in charge of the Trojan Den and athletics and well as tests, including AP testing, the CAHSEE, SAT, and PSAT, as part of her AP duties.

Pitcher has a lot of experience in education and school administration. She started out as a classroom biology teacher and has served as a middle school vice principal and high school assistant principal at the Vallejo City Unified School District. Pitcher is currently in her second year of studying to earn her doctorate in education at California State University East Bay.

There are many things CVHS can look forward to this year from Pitcher.

“Since I’m new to the community, I look forward to getting to know as many students and staff as possible,” she said.

Pitcher also envisions many positive changes to improve CVHS.

“I’d like to see the student voice utilized more,” she said.

Pitcher wants to help students speak up and be able to advocate for themselves. To help students learn, Pitcher said, “I’d like to create more mentorship programs for our students.” These programs could help students learn as well as build relationships.

One thing Pitcher noticed was unique about the CVHS campus is the huge cultural diversity and variety of different clubs.

“I like that there is a broad range of clubs,” she said.

Besides all this school business, administrators are people too. In her free time, Pitcher enjoys being active and going to church, concerts, and amusement parks. “I also do like to shop,” she admitted, “but I do not like cooking!”

Being an administrator isn’t as easy task. Pitcher said that her job can be pretty difficult at times, though in the end it is very rewarding. Despite all the problems she has to face, Pitcher loves her job.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” she said.

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