Castro Valley spots perfect for your Valentine’s Day

Places to meet new Valentines in CV:

-The skate-park near CVE: You’ll get to meet people who share the same interests as you and open yourself up to new opportunities.

-The vegetable aisle at the local grocery store: What’s better than locking eyes over your favorite veggie? Plus, you’ll get an instant conversation starter.

-24 Hour Fitness: Working out releases pheromones which make you more attractive to others.

-The library: You’ll get to bond over your favorite book and have an intellectual conversation.

-The book store in the Village: When your hands touch over the new copy of your favorite series, you’ll just know.

-McDonald’s play structure: You’ll release your childish side and show how fun you can be to that cutie in the corner.

-The comic book store: Your nerdy side makes you cuter to others.

-Baskin Robbins: Get a scoop of love.

-The community center: By trying new things, you can meet new people and find the one.

Go on a date in CV!

-Chabot Theater: Going to see that new flick can give you two the perfect chance to bond and maybe even give you some laughs.

-Mini-Golf: You can make a simple game into a fun bet: whoever loses buys pizza.

-The Bowling Alley: Playing a fun game of bowling can give you the chance to learn and laugh at each other.

-Loard’s or Yogofina: Ice cream or frozen yogurt is the perfect treat to share your sweet side with your sweetie.

-Aran’s Pottery Place: Making crafts shows your artistic side and gives you the chance to make up for not getting your sweetie a gift.

-Rigatoni’s: The perfect place to have a quiet and romantic date where you can learn more about each other and maybe have a Lady and the Tramp moment.

-Mountain Mike’s Pizza: What’s better than eating a slice of pizza and staring into your lover’s eyes?

-Run around the track: By working out together, you’ll keep fit and get to see each other’s competitive side.

-Getting coffee: An early morning date. The coffee will warm you and you can read the newspaper together.

-Sherry’s: Everybody loves pie, by sharing some, your boo will love you even more too.

-Norman’s Grill: Why not try out a new restaurant together, every time after they go there, they’ll think of you

-Lake Chabot: Walking around the lake and watching the sunset is the perfect evening for two sweethearts.

-Stay home: You get to pick the movies, the food, and even cuddle closer if it gets too cold.

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