Aquaman Corbett at home in water

CVHS senior swimmer Jason Corbett has a deep love for swimming, the sport he calls home. This aqua-man has been swimming for roughly eight years now and has loved every moment of it since the first time he hit the water.

Some of Corbett’s favorite styles are the breaststroke, butterfly, and the freestyle.

Other than amazing skills under his belt, Corbett is also the proud owner of two hard-core times of 1:57.9 in the individual medley and 1:45.6 in freestyle that instantly give him a reputation as one of his team’s best.

“I like the sense of accomplishment when I achieve in one of the most difficult sports,” said Corbett when asked about what drives him to perform at such a high level of intensity in his swimming.

To be able to perform at the rate he does is amazing. He trains hard with eight two-hour practices a week with the EBAT (East Bay Bat Rays) swim team.

Over the past year he has received recruitment letters from an impressive list of colleges that include New York University and UC Santa Barbara, but for now this wave maker has his sights set on swimming for Ohlone Community College before transferring to a four-year university.

His coach Brian Berry, along with Corbett’s family, are very proud of him and his many accomplishments in the sport of swimming.

“Mr. Berry is a coach who is very committed and dedicated to the high school team and keeping the team’s good reputation on,” said Corbett about his coach.

When asked about his perception on CVHS swimming in general, Corbett responded without hesitation, “I like being good at a very unique and difficult sport, and the sense of accomplishment after consistent and hard workouts.”

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