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Payton Pacheco leads the varsity spirit squad

The final athlete on this list is actually siblings with one of the other athletes. As a senior you try to do anything and everything to have the best last year of high school. Well this year, Payton Pacheco was named co-captain of the CVHS varsity spirit squad.

With practices twice a week along with cheering for girls basketball, boys basketball and football, Pacheco seems to manage a good student-athlete balance with a lot on her plate.

“My favorite part of cheer is being able to work with my team and other captains,” said Pacheco.

As well as being on cheer, as a co-captain on the squad, she helps lead the team with warm ups along with helping to stunt and learn choreography.

“Being a captain makes me feel proud because I enjoy demonstrating my leadership skills and creating a positive environment for my team to learn and have fun,” Pacheco commented.

The basketball season is still going on, so if you want to see Pacheco and her team in action, catch them on the court during the middle of the games.

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