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Lin’s dunk ends season with bang

The clock is ticking down. Senior Jonathan Lin remembers what he said just two days before the game: “My last goal for the season is to get an in-game dunk at Senior Night. If the only thing I do in the game is dunk the ball, I’ll be happy.” 

The time is now. The opposing team has the ball; they make a lofty pass. Lin pounces and grabs the ball! He sprints down the court, the crowd roaring in his ears, jumps to the rim…and slams it! The bleachers pound with the crowd jumping up and down as the Trojans storm the court to celebrate their win!

What began as a childhood game turned into a major part of Lin’s life.

“I’ve been playing basketball for ten years, I started in order to spend more time with my best friends,” he said. But Lin no longer plays basketball like a kid. 

“He’s one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met who’s uplifting and not afraid to own up to his mistakes,” said teammate Darius Jackson. “[He’s] one of my favorite people to be around, on and off the court.”

Lin’s dedication to his sport is admirable, to say the least. With 10 wins this season and 15 losses Lin said, “This season has been a love-hate relationship. It’s been up and down and windy.” Sports don’t only take a toll on your body, but your mental state as well. “Some days I want to cry after getting home from practice and some days I just want to stay in the gym forever.”

This season has had its fair share of obstacles. From common problems like trying to get out of a losing streak all the way to an athlete’s worst nightmare, bad coaching. Lin keeps his message positive. 

“I want to tell Coach T and Coach Bains thank you for not giving up on me. And I want to tell Coach Larry thank you for giving up on me,” Lin shared

To the current and future Trojan basketball players, Lin has a message. “I want to tell my teammates to stay true to themselves on the court, to set goals for themselves, and achieve their goals. Pick a direction to move forward in and don’t let anyone, whether coaches or teammates, sway you off the path.”