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Varsity girls soccer wins against Bishop O’Dowd on senior night

The Trojans varsity girls soccer team took the win against Bishop O’Dowd on Friday, Feb. 11. This was their final home game of the season, and was the teams senior night.

“I’m super happy, I thought all the girls played fantastic and I think the biggest thing was just the heart. Obviously senior night plays a big role in that, but from the start we just never gave up and played with heart the entire time,” said coach Vanessa Amaral. 

Within the first minute of the game, Kaitie Quinteros scored the first goal for the Trojans. The ball went back and forth between the two teams, until Mia Frautnick was able to score the second goal for Castro Valley. With 27 minutes left of the first half, Frautnick scored on a penalty kick. 

“The penalty kick was really fun. The first one I took this season I missed, but the other two I made, so I’m really proud about that,” said Frautnick. 

The Dragons scored their first goal with 22 minutes left of the first half, making the score 2-1, Trojans. The score remained the same for the rest of the first half. 

During halftime, there was a special competition for the senior players and their family members. The seniors were on one team, and someone from each of their families were on the other team. Each player got to try and score against their family, and try to block them from scoring. While it ended up being a close game, the seniors won the competition. 

As the second half began, the score remained at 2-1 until there were 17 minutes left. Frautnick scored her second goal of the game, and the winning goal for the Trojans. With only two minutes left of the game, O’Dowd scored a second goal on a penalty kick. 

The game ended with the score being 3-2, and the Trojans took the victory. 

“My favorite moment of the game was when my really good friend Mia scored two goals, but my favorite one was the second one because it was really clean, and it was outside the box, and you can tell she had been working on it for a long time,” said goalie Brooke Kundert. 

The Trojans made it into the NCS D1 Championships, and will be competing in the first round on Feb. 16.

3 thoughts on “Varsity girls soccer wins against Bishop O’Dowd on senior night

  • The girl’s soccer team played really well throughout the season and did well as a team. Setting up, positioning, and driving are key to success and they did it well.

  • #Girlbosses

  • This game was very suspenseful. Many people were at the game and the good news is that we won. This game was super lively because it was women’s varsity senior night at home. The other team did very well but the soccer team was on fire

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