Trojans totally terrorize track

CVHS has allowed for a few sports teams to commence their season, with strict precautions of course. With sports seasons comes competitions, which was demonstrated on March 6 and March 17 for the CVHS track team. The Trojans engaged in a meet against Piedmont away on March 6 and Alameda and Encinal at home on March 17. Considering the athletes have eagerly waited to compete all year, these meets were quite eventful.

For both meets, the host schools required masks and limited spectator attendance. Nevertheless, the meet ran smoothly, with the Trojans the clear victors.

The Trojans had athletes such as senior Randall Cain, Lynee Sims, Nolan Slader, senior Miles Bennet, senior Tanya Pinthapataya, Taylor Hodges, Cameron Huynh and Nico Guevara-Longree all secure victories in their respected event, along with many others.

“It felt good winning my event in the first meet of the season,” said high jumper Nico Guevara-Longree. “This was my first year playing track which made the victory even more memorable,” exclaimed Guevara-Longree.

More recently, the Trojans competed in their first home meet of the season, against both Alameda and Encinal high schools.

Due to many injuries of athletes on the boys varsity branch of the track team, the boys varsity team narrowly missed out on first place. However, the girls varsity team remained undefeated after this meet.

This successful start to the season is reflected in the fully motivated and driven squad that the school possesses. The team is hopeful to carry on this promising start to the end of this condensed, peculiar season. 

“I think we did good. We got a young team with a lot of inexperienced kids but a lot of hard working kids that are doing very well. We still got a lot of work to do, it’s always a work in progress but overall, I’d say we did really well,” finished head coach Dooney Jones when asked about the team’s performances in the meets.

2 thoughts on “Trojans totally terrorize track

  • April 20, 2021 at 10:29 am

    Track takes the win every year and deserves a lot more credit than is given. No hate to the other sports team but maybe we should put a little more attention on the winning teams to give them the support they deserve. Very proud of the track team.

  • April 19, 2021 at 11:36 am

    The track team dominates every year. One of the most successful teams at CVHS. Congrats to them.

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