Terhell, a born leader

Junior Michelle Terhell was the captain of the water polo team and is currently a wrestler. Her brother did wrestling before her and inspired her to follow his footsteps. She enjoyed swimming and wrestling which led her to do water polo which contained the best of both.

Along with her extracurricular sports, Terhell takes part in the leadership class along with DECA, a marketing club. She enjoys leadership as it allows her to help people through community service. In her spare time, she also enjoys drawing and painting.

As she has gained experience in the sports she participates in, she says that she has learned to lose which prepares her for the future.

“I’ve learned how to lose a lot and so I feel like wrestling has prepared me in that aspect of life,” said Terhell.

This year, she has been able to improve her skills greatly in water polo. She earned her team captain role through her hard work and the respect of the other athletes in the water polo team.

“I think Michelle is a very a good leader and she always takes charge and brightens up any sad day,” said team member Sonja Rasmussen, a sophomore.

In the future, “I want to become a nurse, possibly a travel nurse and travel and help people,” said Terhell.


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