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Athlete of the month: Austin Fields

Since the age of six, Austin Fields has had a passion for football.

“My favorite sport is football. I love football,” said Fields.

The junior played as wide receiver, safety, and outside linebacker in the last football season. He believes that he excels in being a wide receiver because he can catch well and sprint long distances to dodge from the other team.

“The best game I played in would probably be Berkeley. Because in Berkeley I had three receptions for 103 yards, and one touchdown,” stated Fields.

Fields is also currently on the track and field team, and competes in the long jump, high jump, and triple jump. His stats include jumping the 19’ for long jump, 6’2” for high jump, and 41’6.5” for the triple jump.

“My favorite memory is probably just hearing everybody cheer for you because you get that adrenaline,” said Fields.