Athlete of the Month: Myla Ogle

Freshman Myla Ogle is a hard worker with the skill to reach her goal of being an effective member of the girls varsity soccer team and making important plays.

Her favorite memory was when her team competed in the league for State Cup and won first place. Winning made her feel like she was rising in levels, since she would be able to play stronger teams.

Ogle started playing soccer in second grade and is now the right and center forward. She got into the game because her brother loved soccer, and has continued to play because it keeps her active. Ogle has come to enjoy the game and learned skills from it.

“I really like soccer because my coaches have been really good and I’ve just been surrounded by soccer. I’ve learned a lot of skills and a lot of my friends play soccer too so it’s a part of my life,” Ogle explained.

Ogle is on the varsity soccer team, and also used to do karate, swimming, dance, baseball, and gymnastics.

“I quit the other sports and chose soccer as my main sport so I can give 100 percent of my time to it,” Ogle said.

In her free time, Ogle enjoys drawing, reading, listening to music, playing with her dog, and watching her favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona.

Ogle plans to play soccer throughout high school and is unsure of whether or not she will play in college.

Coach Lauren Nadler, who just met Ogle this year, describes her as a hard worker who always wants to get better.

“Myla is fast, technical, and defends well,” Nadler added.

Being a freshman on the varsity team, Ogle definitely has time to hone her skills and become an even better player than she already is.

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