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Freshman Football has a great season

The freshman football team won nine games out of ten this season. These Trojans are hard-working and well-trained athletes, winning a match against Washington with a score of 44-6. They even beat rival Bishop O’Dowd, 28-0.

“They work hard and try their best. There also very good listeners,” said Coach David Kubasta.

This hard-working team has been driven to their limits to win these games. Even though they may disagree with the coach, or feel under pressure, they make sure they deliver everything they have on that football field.

“We have very strong and good defenses. Of course they could work on their punctuality and keeping up their grades, because these kids are very good at what they do so it would be sad to see them leave the team because they couldn’t keep their grades up. That’s why we encourage them to keep doing their school work and we also offer programs that can keep on the right track, grade-wise,” said Kubasta.

The players respond well to their coach, taking his advice to ensure success in their games and practices.

“Our coach is great and makes sure we are prepared for our games,” said running back and middle linebacker Isaac Morris.

“We have been working hard every game,” said defensive end Gavin Molina.

The boys, coaches, and mentors on the team have worked extremely hard to achieve so much this season.