Trojans make a splash at a meet against Encinal

Erik Clemensen flies through the water during the swim meet. Picture by Robbie Brandt
Erik Clemensen flies through the water during the swim meet.
Picture by Robbie Brandt

Wednesday March 18 was a day to remember as the Trojans sank the Jets at a home swimming meet. The Trojans stayed calm and confident as they went to face their rivals, the Encinal Jets.

“If we stay in the zone and work together as a team we can win this thing,” said junior Joey Jerome, in anticipation for the meet.

Jerome’s prediction came true. The beginning of the meet started smoothly with the 200 medley relay. The Trojans took not only first but second place as well.

“ As a group we did well. Our entries were solid and we had great team spirit,” said sophomore varsity swimmer Matt Proctor.

The girls varsity team performed spectacularly in this event as well; the Trojans took third place against our rivals.

“I think our lane worked well together and that’s why we did well,” said freshman varsity swimmer Jenna Garcia.

The big event for the Trojans was the 500 freestyle race. The 500 consists of 20 laps nonstop, and can be tiresome on the hardworking team.

“I’m in between throwing up and not, it’s a long race and there is a bit of pressure,” said junior varsity swimmer Peter Altoff. Altoff’s performance, however, was amazing, with him receiving third place with a time of 5 minutes, 38 seconds, his new personal best.

The overall winner of this event however was junior Brandon Chin, who swims on the varsity team.

“It was a good race. I could have done better, I got 4:56; my best is a 4:42, but I got first so I’m not complaining,” he said.

Overall the swim meet was a success, with the Trojans defeating the Jets.

“Our kids did wonderful especially today because there was a lot of diversity. Many swimmers were sick and couldn’t swim so we had kids swimming things they normally don’t swim and they did fantastic,” said coach Travis Miranda

I It wasn’t all about winning, however, for the coach. He also had nice things to say about the Jets.

“I want to thank Encinal for coming out here today their performance and their spirit was top notch; I am glad to have them,” he said.

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