March Bounding Brilliant Ballers

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Freshman Jennifer Lie

Freshman Jennifer Lie has been playing badminton for about one and a half years. Though unable to pinpoint the exact date on which she started playing, she remembers her first time playing badminton during the summer with her friends. It was a mere banter and hit and play, but she soon decided to actually learn and play competitively. Lie’s friend’s dad coached her and her friends every Sunday after church; they would practice at the Bay Badminton Center in San Francisco.

On the JV team this year, Lie likes playing badminton because of the fun competition that manages to brighten her mood and keep her in shape. She’s learned the importance of team spirit and enjoys meeting new people and forming new friendships.

Sophomore Spencer Dong

Spencer Dong has been playing tennis for ten years, having started at five years old. Instead of being motivated to win, he plays because he appreciates the sport in every point, serve, backhand and volley.

In his second year on the CVHS team, Dong loves the fact that tennis helps him grow mentally and physically. Undeniably dedicated, Dong explains that being on the tennis team made him see his teammates as brothers you could trust who had your back and could comfort you. For Dong, being on a team isn’t just about individual preference and technical practice, but rather about the constant bonding during practices and matches.

Junior Josh Lam

Has badminton been wrongly judged as an “easy” sport among many people? Badminton player Josh Lam believes so as he plays hard on the badminton courts during his after school practices and matches.

Having played badminton since freshman year, Lam thinks the best thing about badminton is meeting new people from both CVHS and other schools. The people in badminton are all around amazing people, Lam states, and he believes that it’s due to this factor that makes the game more enjoyable and entertaining. He appreciates the coaches that constantly motivate the team during games and are always there for extra help.

He fondly recalls a team bonding at Mountain Mikes that occurred after a close win with San Leandro High.

Senior Anant Tikku

Senior Anant Tikku has been seen on both the football field and in the pool. Tikku has been both a captain and teammate, learning and understanding the true meaning of work ethic and integrity.

Having played football for the past three years, and serving as team captain this year, Tikku says that the role of being a captain is being someone who doesn’t take it easy at practice. He and the team coach would collaborate and discuss the players’ opinions or problems, or anything they could do to make practice better.

During spring, Tikku slices through the waters on the CVHS swim team. He has swam since he was eight years old, and now he usually swims butterfly and the individual medley during meets.

Recently admitted to the United States Military Academy West Point, Tikku proves his passion and drive.


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