CVHS girls volleyball team unable to compete

The annual girls volleyball NCS tournament began on Nov. 6. Unfortunately, the Trojans did not compete this year. The girls played well enough to qualify but NCS officials did not accept CVHS because the team missed the deadline to enter postseason play.

Head coach Frank Largusa told the players he forgot to enter the team’s paperwork on time and apologized for the mistake. This is the first time the Trojans sat out the NCS tournament in 22 years.

“I’m mad and disappointed. All that hard work for nothing,” stated Bianca Higuera, a very upset player. She was one of many who spent the summer and afternoons training and practicing for this tournament. The seniors are especially upset about this.

“It’s my last year and I can’t play this tournament. Ugh!” said a flustered Jessie Pangelina.

The Trojans would have been one of three teams in our district to move on. CVHS placed second, right behind O’Dowd. The Trojans’ absence in the tournament opened a space for a lower-ranking team to enter instead.

“I feel like we could have made it past the second or third round. Maybe we could’ve even won,” Higuera said. She believes that the team could have done very well, and so do the rest of the girls.

Athletics Director Andy Popper asked the players and their supporters to move on from the disappointment and to remember the coach’s great efforts and contributions to the program.

“Everything he gave those girls far outweighs the one mistake he made,” said Popper.

Despite the unfortunate ending, the volleyball season was still a good one. The girls celebrated the season with a wonderful banquet and everyone enjoyed themselves. At this banquet the honored players, coaches and captains for their dedication.

Largusa feels that this incident should never be repeated and wants to make sure it doesn’t.

“We hope to put a process in place that would minimize a repeat of these types of occurrences,” Largusa said. Everyone hopes for the best next year with this new process in place. Players and coaches are looking forward to a great season next year.

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