Boys varsity volleyball team stumbles through season, but gains memories

The boys volleyball season, which lasted from early February to May 10, recently ended. Though the outcome wasn’t what most were expecting, at a season record of 0-14, it doesn’t mean that there were losses all across the table.

It’s hard for the players not to feel a little bummed out, but as the team’s coach and players look back on their bumpy road of a season, they’ve learned that winning isn’t everything. It’s building a “robust and lasting volleyball community,” as Coach Frank Largusa put it, that really counts.

“Just being with the whole team every day was an experience of its own,” said sophomore Simon Haralambiew.  “I feel very accomplished with our team this year even though we did not win a game. We came up from scratch and played at the same level of intensity as the other teams.”

“Some of my most memorable experiences include coming together as a new team to learn volleyball and playing our hearts out against highly experienced and developed teams,” said team captain Kyle Linayao.

“Five seniors this season provided a young and new team with leadership, dedication, and stability. Parent support was outstanding and the coaching staff allowed us to improve rapidly. This is the type of community I hoped to be a part of,” Largusa said of his experiences this season.

Laguna is also head coach of the girls volleyball team and he hopes to continue this job for many years to come.

After hearing these players’ happy and confident reports, one has to ask oneself: what went wrong?

“Nothing really went wrong, It’s just we are a new team playing against teams with players that have had over four years of experience. The coaches were outstanding, as well as the players. I am looking forward to next year,” said Haralambiew.

Clearly, the journey was a reward all on its own. The scores were just mere numbers, as the memories gained were priceless.

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