Home runs now possible with addition of new fence

Have you ever wondered why the Trojans never hit home runs? The reason is because it is impossible. The CVHS baseball team plans to raise money to build a fence around the existing baseball field so the players will have the opportunity to hit home runs.

The fence will cost around $15,000, and coach Mario Iglesias and the players plans to raise it all.

Last year, the baseball team had the same plan, and shockingly raised the amount of money needed to construct the fence. After the plan for the fence got approved, the money was instead used to make different renovations to the baseball field.

Although the team knows what it takes to raise the money, the team is worried about what is to come.

“It was so impressive that we were able to raise the money needed for the first fence, and we are still hopeful that we can do it again,” said Iglesias. The fence is planned to be 300 feet down the line, about 100 feet short of a professional baseball field like that of the San Francisco Giants’ stadium.

“We get no funding from the district, and we get no funding from the school,” said Iglesias. The team may, however, raise a little more money if another proposed idea, that ads from local Castro Valley businesses be placed on the fence, is approved.

A baseball banquet was held on Dec. 3, where the team hoped to raise a portion of the money needed. The team hopes to raise the money needed and use it to complete the fence as planned, and not have another setback.

“We are very grateful to the site, the school and the district for letting us carry forth this plan,” said Iglesias. “I know the team can do it.”

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