Badminton team wins match against budget cuts

For the past few months, the CVHS badminton team has had little on their mind other than whether they would be able to play this year. They have been avidly fundraising, soliciting donations, and doing everything else in their power to stay afloat.

It seems that their efforts have finally paid off: this past November, at the deadline for baseline funding, the players learned that they would indeed be competing this season.

In order to remain a competing team in the district’s league, the team would have to raise a minimum of $3,800 by a November deadline, or be cut for the year. This money would go towards uniforms for the players, transportation to away games, and referees to keep the games fair.

“It used to be that the district would help pay for school sports,” explained Assistant Principal Jason Whiteman, “but not anymore.”

A couple of years back, the budget was cut in half, and then gradually eliminated completely. Now, students have to fight to keep their sports.If the students don’t raise enough money in time, their teams face being cut, and there are no second chances once the deadline passes.

When asked if the team would have been given more time to raise the money if needed, Whiteman replied, “If we could, we would, but it would be unfair to the other schools, because the league has to plan things like the matches and number of teams competing.”

Nonetheless, the badminton team succeeded in raising enough money,and players were exuberant to hear the good news.

“It would be such a shame if we couldn’t play! It’s a lot of fun, and I would be so sad if we couldn’t continue playing the sport we all love,” said sophomore Kelly Chan.
Last year the team was so talented that they went on to the Northern California Badminton finals.This year’s team is eager to carry on the prestige of years past.

The badminton team survived, but some sports aren’t as fortunate.

The boys golf team has already been cut, and many other teams face similar fates if they don’t get enough funding.

“We support all kids who want to engage in school activities like sports,” asserted Whiteman. “It keeps them interested and motivated, and really helps bring the community together.”

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