Omicron is surging through CVHS, let us go home!

With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases after the new variant, omicron, made its way to Castro Valley, many students are left wondering what school will look like. 

Continuing to attend in-person classes like we are currently doing puts students and staff at risk. Many feel uncomfortable staying at school because omicron spreads incredibly fast and easily. Additionally, there is no adequate testing available: rapid tests are scarce and appointments at the CFA are difficult to catch. 

However, in-person learning is beneficial because it is easier to focus and learn in a classroom setting. Both students and teachers dread distance learning. Furthermore, distance learning was not easy for students who saw a decline in their mental health or have distractions at home. We don’t miss the lagging wifi and awkward silences on Zoom calls.

On the other hand, with hundreds of absences in the past week, going virtual will help students at home to keep up. It also decreases potential exposure to the virus, which will ultimately decrease cases. Here at The Olympian, we support going online temporarily for about one or two weeks. We believe this is the best approach because those who are already quarantining will not have to miss school and students can feel safer at home while we wait for cases to subside.

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