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Take social distancing seriously

In the United States 2.0, we have been instructed to keep a distance of six feet between each other and wear protective masks. In reality, this is against any and everything that we have been taught since birth, like working with other in teams, being in groups, engaging in social activities, and feeding off of each other’s energies to create a better tomorrow. The new normal does not preclude us from doing all such things; we just need to adopt new ways of doing the same things we have always done. 

Not all people have adapted to this new way of life and some people still resort to old habits. Some examples can be seen at Lake Chabot Regional Park. Since the weather has gotten sunnier and warmer, the park is full of people walking, running, and sitting on the grass without practicing recommended and required social distancing guidelines. 

Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, some people do not seem to be adapting to the new way of life and are taking risks that could be deadly. Humans are social beings and It can be very difficult to be cooped up inside on a nice day with your family. However, if we don’t take shelter-in-place and social distancing seriously, it will take longer for our community to be rid of COVID-19 and we will lose many more of our friends, family, and neighbors to this virus.

 Instead of risking the spread of the virus, we should all consciously make sure that we maintain the mandated social distance of six feet when visiting Lake Chabot Regional Park or wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves. This is the best way to still enjoy the face to face interaction we all need and crave while making sure everyone remains safe. 

By joining together and following recommended practices, our community will be safer, and we will hopefully get back to more normal lives and routines at a faster pace. 

55 thoughts on “Take social distancing seriously

  • Zachary Simonton

    People need to take the shelter in place seriously, or we will not be able to reopen in the fall. We need to be able to reopen in the fall, or we will have the economy go into a great depression worse than that of the 1930’s, a lot worse than the 1930’s. We need to take social distancing seriously now, and we need to do it all the time, for at least another month or 2 months, and then we will go back to school in the fall, and this virus DOES NOT TAKE TIME OFF, IT DOES NOT TAKE THE SUMMER OFF, IT DOES NOT TAKE THE WEEKENDS OFF! Please, take social distancing and everything else seriously NOW, so that we do not have to spend more time under the order, and so that our economy does NOT crash, and stay clean and try not to get infected with COVID-19. You do not have to go as extreme as I am going, to the point where I wash my hands 100 times a day, trying to NOT get this virus, and trying to have normalcy as soon as we can, but you do not have to go as extreme as I go, just take this pandemic seriously. I wish that it was just an April fools prank, but it’s NOT an April fools joke, it’s NOT a prank, and we should listen to the shelter in place order. Just take it SERIOUSLY, and do NOT treat it like a JOKE, it is NOT a prank, this is NOT a hoax, like Donald Trump and some other people think. Also, please do not inject or ingest disinfectant in yourself. Donald Trump wants you to inject bleach into your lungs, so we should NOT listen to that. He said that he was being sarcastic as a lie, just like the Quid pro quo, and what he said about climate change, and just this pandemic!

  • Paige Tauscher

    After having been in quarantine for nearly two months the amount of people participating in social distancing has decreased significantly from the already less than desired amount who were part taking in this stay at home order. Personally I believe there are two reasons for this. One being that humans crave companionship. While you can interact with family members and others you are quarantined with some don’t have good relationships with their families. Plus while technology does allow those who have the resources to access it and virtually talk many would agree that this doesn’t satisfy the need of companionship; like adults used to patronisingly say we want to go out and ‘have a real conversation’. The second reason as to why I think that many are ignoring social distancing rules is because people follow by example. I’m not even talking about political leaders I’m talking about people your age and people who live lives similar to your own. Countless people, me included, find it difficult to be the odd one out. Meaning when your on a walk and you see others you know and even those you don’t not following social distancing guidelines you don’t want to be that one party pooper that follows the rules.

  • No one’s really taking social distancing seriously because some people of a certain age demographic feel that they won’t be affected while other just think they’re invincible . The Vice president visited the Mayo Clinic and wasn’t wearing a mask and it’s giving people the wrong image. If he went there and wasn’t wearing a mask then other will think it’s okay as well. Also people that are wearing gloves tend to touch everything with gloves. I’ve seen many times when I went shopping people not taking off their gloves once they were done and going back into their car with their gloves still on. So now they are touching steering wheel and the car shifter and that’s equally as bad as not wearing gloves in the first place.

  • Chris Phung

    I find it annoying that people are complaining about we’re stuck inside for quarantine and it’s okay to complain, but when those exact people are still going outside, hanging out with friends, buying non-essential stuff, driving around, it’s not helping anything at all and if anythings, it’s increasing our stay-in removing even more time from our summer. We’ve already lost as high-schoolers, prom, graduation ceremony, our SAT’s and ACT’s, quarter 4 grades, etc.

  • Ana Encarnacion

    Social distancing has become a key role in our society as it has been drilled into peoples thoughts as it should. I agree that humans are naturally social and being told not to is hard to cope with when it goes against what you have been raise to do. Socializing is what makes us grow. It’s even harder on work force, whether it be the unemployed and essential workers, because in one way or another they are taking risks and going through tough times for us, the people. We can not put their efforts for nought and continue to make this even harder for them when they have risked everything to put our needs in front of theirs, just to continue enjoying a sunny day. Social distancing is a group effort and don’t think that your efforts don’t matter because in the end we are all going through the same thing.

  • Audrey Chen

    Social distancing has an extremely important part in making sure things do not get worse. Personally, I find it extremely irritating when people decide to go to crowded areas with no mask or protection, the social distancing rules were made to make sure everything can be stabilized. Some people don’t seem to be taking this situation seriously when they really need to, yes we don’t have school but that does not mean you get to take advantage of it. Until this is over, people need to stay home.

  • Social distancing isn’t being taken as seriously as it should. Many people are rejecting the conditions of social distancing, putting themselves and others at risk, which is extremely selfish. If people stay inside and follow the procedures, the pandemic will be over much quicker than if people decide to not follow them. People need to realize the severity of the situation and how their actions can drastically affect the health of our community. I hope that all people in the community are following the procedures and are educated on them so that everyone can stay safe and healthy.

  • Social distancing isn’t being taken very seriously, I’ve seen people walking around with no mask on. It we all were to just stay inside then there would be fewer people getting sick. Plus it is almost time for flu season so it could be worse. If we were just to stay inside then we wouldn’t have problems. There are people protesting on the street and not helping the situation. Also, there are almost 1,423,883 cases in the united states there could be more growing cases if people don’t stick to quarantine.

  • Timothy Hoang

    As. the article says people should be taking precautions and not be going outside. People going outside could cause this pandemic to spread even faster. Social distancing is definitely a good way to keep this virus from spreading to places. Masks and gloves should be worn and used to help prevent it from spreading any further.

  • This article brought up the important issue that despite the fact humans do not like to be controlled, it is very important to stay social distancing. When my sister and I go walking, I see many people without masks or any type of safety gear. I understand that it is hard to stay inside with family for a long amount of time, so, when leaving the house people should always have the correct gear. The virus has already affected so many lives and families already, and it is our duty as a society to make sure it does not affect anybody else.

  • No, don’t sit home all day and be on your devices, but don’t be socializing outside either. Just stay out long enough to do your share of exercise. Many people are forgetting that this virus is killing many people, and we are so obliged to have haircuts and get our nails done, but we can’t be treating this as a snow day. So remember, wear your mask outside and follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Taking social distancing is important. The further we go into the shelter in place to more people will want to go outside because there sick of it. They should be able to go outside as long as they take the precautions like social distancing and wearing mask around people to help flatten the curve.

  • Eli Woodbury

    Social Distancing is a very important thing right now. For if people do not follow the rules of it the spread of the corona virus will be increased horribly. This would overwhelm the medical industries causing much stress and many more people to die. The curve must be flattened, for if it is too high, the death will raise with it. The economy is already in shambles, but if people continue keep ignoring social distancing, the economy will truly crash, causing another great depression. It brings a tear to my eye seeing that people refuse to follow these guide lines.

  • nathan kong

    I agree with this article because I see a bunch of people who go outside without a mask. I feel like we should all just stay at home for a while until the quarantine is over because if we go and hangout with friends during this quarantine, the quarantine would last longer. This virus isn’t a joke either, it could kill you and there isn’t a cure for this yet. If you have to leave the house, WEAR A MASK. If you are bored and want to go outside, go take a walk around your neighborhood but stay away from people. The reason we are doing this quarantine is to save lives and protect people from this virus.

  • I reviewed “Take Social Distancing Seriously” by Eyzid Hadi. The article was about how social distancing is affecting our lives (it was written on April 27, and lots of cases about citizens ignoring the shelter in place order). I agree with the article’s plea. I am often worrie for my friends and family, most of them take precautions but some of my friends deem it unnecessary to wear a mask. Hanging out with one or two friends can still put you at risk! It is better to be too safe than sorry. I understand if people can’t handle being cooped up in their houses all day, but we have to let them know that they are not alone. The order was made to ensure the safety and health of the public, and it is not to attack your own personal beliefs (looking at you, Michigan). Now, after the Michigan Rallies, over 72 people have contracted the virus. Most of the victims had not been wearing masks and were gathered in groups of hundreds. There is finally proof that social distancing is required to slow down the spread of the virus, so please stay in your homes, wear a mask if you need to go outside, and remember to stay at least six feet apart from other people! Wash your hands 🙂

  • Tiffany Leung

    I think it is very important for people to practice social distancing. It is understandable that people want to go out and hang out with their friends, but it is dangerous to do so. If more people continue to go out, Covid 19 cases will not be decreasing and we would just have to be staying in quarantine for even longer. People should just stay home so the sooner we can safely leave our houses. There are other ways for people to socialize and talk to their friends instead of going out.

  • Alexander Tran

    I honestly agree, we’ve been told to keep our distance from people other than family and we should be doing so. This is for everyone’s safety, I understand that many people want to keep socializing like we always have been but we just cannot do it the way we’ve become accustomed to. We need to slow down this virus’ rates of infection and to do that we need to adapt.

  • The message from this article is incredibly important for everyone to hear. It is hard doing social distancing, and being inside without much human contact is annoying. However all that we’re doing is worth it because it really helps protect everyone from this virus. The article’s title “Take social distancing seriously” is especially important now because we have people actually protesting this. Not enough people are seriously following the quarantine protocols which is incredibly dangerous everyone, not just them. We saw how this virus destroyed other countries like Italy, and not taking things seriously after that is just stupid. Thanks for writing this article because we need people to understand how big of a deal this all is.

  • I agree that people should be more cautious around other people by wearing masks. people have a lot of other ways of socializing now through phones and computers. It is harmful to others and yourself to go outside and socialize because you can be exposed to the virus and can spread it to other people. So always wear a mask when you are out around people and stay 6 feet apart.

  • Jasmine Ng

    I completely agree with this writer’s statement. Social distancing should be taken extremely seriously even if you have to change your old habits. Most people find that concerning, since it is so out of the ordinary, but we have to do what is best for everyone; which is to maintain distance from people other than your family. If everyone stays inside their homes and follow government orders, quarantine would be over sooner but, some people can not resist the urge to hang out with their friends or go outside without any protective gear; potentially causing this virus to spread even more.

  • Kyle Mainao

    I agree that social distancing should be taken seriously. The shelter-in-place serves as a safety precaution to keep most people protected from the pandemic. It’s truly saddening that there’s arrogant people out there that protest against stay-in-home orders and risk the safety of not just theirs, but everyone else’s.

  • Komal Khehra

    Social distancing is something that should definitely be followed. It’s understandable that people want to talk to their friends and be around other people, but at the end of the day, they’re putting themselves and others at risk. Leaving home is dangerous and not at all safe. If a person leaves their house, it makes it much more difficult for the curve to flatten and that will probably lead to a longer quarantine away from friends and family. Staying at home may become annoying and hard, but if we do it now, we will have more time with our friends and family in the near future but that can only happen if we practice social distancing.

  • Kenya Lopez

    I agree with this article I think that we need to start taking things more seriously. Although some may think that nothing will happen because they don’t have it or because they are young. That isn’t a guarantee that whoever you are seeing or who you are near don’t. Especially since there are times when you may not see the symptoms. People need to start staying home and taking this more seriously the more people that start leaving and hanging out with people the more likely that we have to stay in quarantine longer. I feel hypocritical saying this because I’ll admit I have gone out to deliver things to my friends but its all been left at the door and we haven’t made any contact. I get that people miss their friends but we have to stay home in hopes that this will go by faster.

  • Dionahna Tai

    I agree social distancing is very important to practice. The people who aren’t practicing social distancing have a hard time believing this pandemic is serious. It’s important to wear a mask every time you leave the house for essential travels and wash your hands often.

  • Uriel Anaya

    Social distancing should be followed by everyone. Yes, it sucks that we can’t go outside and have fun outside but people should follow the social distancing rules to prevent other people from possibly getting the virus. This needs to be taken more seriously for the pandemic.

  • I completely agree with your position. I didn’t even think about that whole point about human nature working against us. That is exactly what is happening. People want to obey the guidelines, but they are just so used to doing what they always do that they are reluctant to change their behavior on account of one or two guidelines. However, they really should; I agree. That is how we will get out of this quicker, and get back to doing those things that people like to do, the ways that they are used to doing them. I also liked your moniker of the “United States 2.0”. I hadn’t heard that one before, but I think that it is accurate.

  • Timothy Liu

    Social distancing should become a rule that everyone should follow in order to keep themselves, as well as others safe. I understand that many people aren’t taking this disease seriously because they think they won’t get the virus, but they never know who may have the virus. This is why people must stay at 6 feet apart instead of hanging around others and ignoring the virus.

  • Kouki Asahata

    I agree that social distancing needs to be taken seriously. People’s lives can be saved if they follow the safety guidelines for this pandemic. These guidelines are now going to be even more important as some states are already reopening up.

  • Bradley McKee

    Life in the pandemic can be difficult to adapt to but if everyone were to follow the social distancing guidelines perfectly this could all be over in a matter of weeks rather than the projected months this is expected to last. I understand how difficult it is to not be able to see the faces of people that in the past it was a given to be able to see every day. however to ensure you can see them back in normal society soon guidelines must be followed.

  • Hanna Osako

    This prolonged quarantine is making people forget that there is a serious pandemic going on and think that it is alright to go outside. There are so many families that are struggling from losses, but there are also people who do not care at all. People tend to go outside as the weather gets warmer, but that does not mean that you should join crowded areas and ignore safety gear. I think more people should take caution and realize how serious this is to distance ourselves to support and appreciate our medical services and families suffering from the virus.

  • Marina Limnios

    It is truly saddening that people aren’t taking this whole thing seriously, especially since so many people are putting themselves at risk so the rest of us can stay safe.

  • Jesse Josslin

    It is important to be social distant of people because you don’t know where other people have been. People should really be taking all the safety precautions because that way the spread of the virus will lessen.

  • Vincent Siu

    When shelter-in-place started, I was thinking about the struggles about staying at home for the next weeks/ months until we don’t know when. Since then I haven’t gone out anywhere for the past 2 months or so. I am very bored and am wanting to go out eagerly. However, social distancing must have to be taken seriously and is the most important to the safety of all of us. I don’t believe, as I do agree with others, that social distancing is not taken seriously enough. People aren’t really willing to adapt to current events by going out to the park, going out to the beach, etc. If social distancing is not taken seriously enough, that will only continue (or even speed up) the spread of the virus. But, if it is taken seriously, then this leads to the opening of our community in a shorter time. In conclusion, everyone must have to adjust to the social distancing guidelines and adapt to the new ways of doing things.

  • Social distancing is very important and I am happy that no one in my family or friends are sick. It really just proves how well social distancing is working. I appreciate your insight and outlook on this topic.

  • I agree with the article on taking social distance seriously. There are so many selfish people going out to beaches and ignoring the stay at home order just because the weather is getting nicer. Peoples lives are at stake and we have to do our part to keep COVID-19 from spreading. We need to take this seriously and continue to wear protective gear to protect others.

  • Social distancing is extremely important in situations such as these where the pandemic is spreading at incredibly fast rates. It is crucial for families to pay close attention to these precautions because this deadly virus can be transferred from person to person very quickly. People should refrain from going to populated areas such as Lake Chabot Park to do exercise. Although it may be hard cut off interaction with others, it is critical for the safety of our community to stay away from crowded areas. However, I believe it is important to go outside and get exercise during quarantine as long as people still follow the social distancing guidelines to help everyone stay healthy and safe.

  • Galaxy Kung

    The article title, “Take social distancing seriously” has caught my eyes because of how important it is right now. I completely agree that social distancing should be followed and taken seriously. This guideline was placed to help flatten the exponential growth in the COVID19 cases. If people are not following the guidelines, then the growth will just continue growing and more casualties will occur. I understand that people have not fully adjusted to this yet but it is important to wear safety gear and take precautions. I know that it is recently very nice outside and everyone wants to get some fresh air, but it is still important to take this social distancing thing seriously. If social distancing was taken more seriously, then hopefully the restrictions would begin to loosen up and maybe even remove the guidelines sooner.

  • Ashley Huang

    I agree with this article. It saddens me to see so many people not taking safety protocols seriously. I think it’s important to know that simple things like wearing a mask isn’t only for protecting ourselves but also to protect the people around us. Yes, as young people, we have relatively strong immune systems and the virus may not affect us too much, but we must realize that there are vulnerable people in our community that may react to the virus with more serious symptoms. Practicing social distancing will prevent further growth of cases and also make it possible for everything to go back to normal sooner. We should all work together to protect ourselves and the community.

  • Daniella Kihevka

    I agree with him completely, people still continue to neglect the rules set in place, it only takes a few changes to still maintain safety and happiness. If people need to socialize then they should do it with social distance and protective gear, it’s not just their safety at risk but also their family’s which they can expose to the COVID-19 still when they come back home from going outside in an unsafe way. The more people who don’t follow social distance and who don’t use protective gear, the longer the shelter-in-place lasts because of the number of cases these people are helping grow. If they want this all to end and to be able to do the things they are doing at the moment without following the rules they should sacrifice their habitual things or tweak them to make it safer for them and everyone.

  • Shayan Jazaeri

    Social distancing is crucial in these times. People don’t seem to realize the threat this virus can have on society. Many immune compromised people are at danger and people not social-distancing can be dangerous to these immune compromised people. No matter if it’s nice out or you feel cramped staying inside all day, you must stay away from others and only leave the house when absolutely necessary. If we all comply with these terms we can make this situation safer and easier for everyone.

  • Although many people are frustrated with social distancing, it is an essential part of making sure people are safe during these uncertain times. I agree with social distancing. Social distancing minimizes your risk of getting the virus. It also keeps others safe. People are still adjusting to the sudden change in our everyday lives, but the more we practice social distancing, the faster we can return to our normal lives.

  • Lajla Didic

    I do also agree that social distancing should be taken very seriously. It seems like many people are refusing to believe the severity of the situation. Our generation, not experiencing something so crazy before, it’s hard to believe there are so many people with the virus around us and how fast it can travel. Refusing to. stay inside is a hazard for everyone and everything you interact with. Many people are acting like this is winter break and going out without realising they’re putting everyone and themselves in danger. I think people need to have some self discipline and realise going out more and more will cause us to be in lock down for longer.

  • Jaelyn Watson

    I agree with everything said in the article about the importance of social distancing and learning to adapt to the new circumstances we’re in. What infuriates me though, is the fact that other Americans have no respect for other people and are willing to risk it all just to see their friends or get a haircut. It truly does appall me that there are so many ignorant people with little to no regard for human life. For example, I’m sure many are already aware of this but the protests in Michigan go against all the recommendations from the WHO and put so many lives in danger. I find it hard to believe that some people overlook the countless lives lost worldwide to actually think that the coronavirus epidemic is a simple government conspiracy designed to control the people and limit their freedoms. It’s honestly embarrassing to know that some Americans think this way and sadly this includes some of my own family-friends. People need to remove their tinfoil hats and educate themselves.

  • Olivia Dooley

    I think that this article is an important reminder to those who are not practicing social distancing. We all must follow the government’s guidelines, they are trying to protect us and our health. By ignoring the shelter-in-place order we are putting people’s lives in danger. It is important that, for now, we resort to other methods of staying in touch with friends and family. By taking a step back from other people we are saving other’s lives. I think at this time all people leaving their homes, even if just for a jog, should take protective gear with them, to protect the lives of those around them.

  • I 100% agree with the article on taking advantage of protective equipment and regulate rules for the safety of ourselves. At the beginning of the shelter-in-place, I was struggling so much because I couldn’t get any chances to go anywhere besides around my neighborhood. Also, the social distancing was pretty hard to keep up since I would receive tons of emails from my current teachers and I know they are struggling as well. However, I start to get more use to it and see the shelter in place as a learning experience for the pandemic. Even though social distancing can be tough for many people but it benefits those to not spread the virus to anyone else which studies show that the spread of the virus decreased due to social distancing.

  • This article is a great reminder for all the people who don’t take the pandemic and the quarantine seriously. Right now, all of us should be following the government’s orders and stay home as much as possible. And even if you really have to go outside, at least wear a mask or gloves and stay 6 feet away from each other. It is the best thing to do for doctors and nurses. I do realize that many people want to go out and meet with friends or just have a nice day outside, but you might have that day nice and the rest in peace. The sooner we stop the pandemic, the sooner we get out, therefore, if we all take a part in this quarantine and stay home, we all get to go out and have fun with our friends faster.

  • Social distancing needs to be taken seriously. People need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Human lives are more important than hanging out with your friends, getting a haircut, or even the entire economy. I think we have begun to see the death toll as just a number and have forgotten the people and families behind each tragedy. Doing easy things like wearing a mask in public or staying six feet away from other people is barely an inconvenience, but total participation in doing these things can make a much greater impact, helping us return to our normal lifestyles sooner and saving thousands of lives. In this strange and difficult time, we need to support each other, be empathetic, and make sacrifices to help others.

  • I agree with the article, as we as a society should really learn to take these types of situations more seriously. It is kind of selfish for people to completely disregard social distancing regulations, as they themselves may not die from COVID-19, but they can still spread the virus to other people who may be more susceptible to the virus and its effects. I hope people could just grow up and be more mature, like the situation we are facing does suck, but they should learn to deal with it, so they are not a harm to themselves or others around them. If people take social distancing more serious, then hopefully the community and open up faster.

  • franco sarno

    I agree to some extent. If people are walking around the lake without protective gear, I feel like that should be ok. If those joggers or people just walking around aren’t stopping to chat with other people, then they should be fine. Yes, they aren’t following the mandated expectations to keep us safe and healthy, bu they are keeping themselves in shape by getting exercise at Lake Chabot.

  • I completely agree that social distancing should be taken as a more serious matter as we see more and more states reopening even though officials are completely against it. Humans don’t like big changes which I think we can see from the protesters of the shelter-in-place orders and by individuals who aren’t going outside for essentials. These people should hear the vital point that was made in the article about how just because this pandemic has altered our way of life, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do the things we would normally do if a pandemic did not occur; we just have to adapt to these extraneous circumstances while still taking precautions. The whole reason we are in quarantine is to save the lives of those who are at risk, so I wish those who are protesting will soon act more selflessly.

  • Alexa Cango Ruiz

    This article brings up an excellent point about humans’ learned behaviour and nature in comparison to the changes we are dealing with in society. The description and explanation of habits and activities that haven’t been abandoned, despite the danger they pose to everyone, was concise and eye-opening. Considering the severity of this outbreak, it is incredibly frustrating to know that people continue to down-play the danger and put others at risk. As explained, people can still see each other, but it is vital that they maintain social distance while doing that.

  • Cedric David

    Social distancing and other precautionary measures should be taken seriously. In a simulation on how COVID-19 spreads relative to the percent of the population social distancing, if even 10% of the population doesn’t follow social distancing, the virus still manages to infect about the same amount as if 30-50% cheat. Social distancing is meant to keep people safe and allow for COVID-19 to become a bit more manageable to deal with. If social distancing was taken a bit more seriously, then hopefully the restrictions would begin to loosen up a bit sooner.

  • The article title, “Take social distancing seriously” caught my eye. I agree that social distancing should be taken very seriously. It seems like many people are disregarding just how serious the situation is. There are over one thousand cases just in our Alameda County. I believe that everyone needs to be a little less selfish and just stay inside a little longer. It is surprising to hear that there are so many people still hanging out at Lake Chabot like nothing is wrong. I understand that it is almost summer and people want to go outside for exercise with a nice view. However the more people go out, the more likely we will all stay in longer. There are other solutions if you want to exercise. People can workout at home with their family rather than going outside. I hope people will look at the other options.

  • Chelsey Lu

    People are still adjusting to the aftermath of this pandemic and they do not realize that it is still happening. Millions of people are being affected by this pandemic as of this moment. It is important that we follow these strict guidelines to minimize casualties and to keep in mind that these guidelines were put in place in the best interest of us all. Maintaining a distance of six feet will not only protect you but also the people you care about.

  • aldan wang

    Social Distancing should definitely be followed. As we go further and further in to this shelter and place order the longing to go out and hang out with friends increases, but social distancing rules must be followed. Practicing social distancing is not only beneficial to you but will also prevent the spread of the virus to other people. I hope that people recognize that social distancing will flatten the exponential growth in cases and will even get us out of quarantine quicker. Social distancing needs to be taken seriously, if everyone follows these rules our community will be much safer and might even open up earlier.

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