New Trojan Time is valuable and effective

The new Trojan Time system has finally been put in place, following its predecessor from the fall semester. What used to be a designated time slot for “community building” activities is now a mixture of open office hours and study hall.

This new format allows for students to pick any of their own classes to attend, although teachers may edit their choices. During this time students can ask questions, make up tests, do late or missing assignments, or simply study.

Trojan Time also shortens the regular block periods, which comes as a relief to many.

While this system is much more effective than that of the fall semester, it is not perfect. Many students who aren’t compatible with their own teachers’ methods find it more helpful to visit others, which isn’t allowed with the current Trojan Time.

In order for this to be fixed, there has to be a change in the teachers’ contract.

Since the program is fairly new, there are still plenty of possibilities for change.

The program used for Trojan Time, the TeachMore system, also has its own faults. When classes are full and the teacher makes a change, like moving one student out to make room for another, there is no notification system to inform the student of their schedule change. Despite these shortcomings, Trojan Time is a valuable addition that we at The Olympian support.

One thought on “New Trojan Time is valuable and effective

  • May 24, 2019 at 10:49 am

    Trojan time has been so helpful this year! It allows students to meet with teachers, make up missing assignments, retake quizzes/tests, and have study sessions. It benefits both students and teachers which is a win-win. Also the fact that class periods are no longer 2 hours each is a huge relief.

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