“Don’t bash on what other people enjoy to do”

Don’t bash on what other people enjoy to do. Whether it is a club, a sport, or a form of art, people do what they do for a reason. One of the worst feelings in the world is hearing negative opinions about an activity you’re passionate about.

Something I’ve grown sensitive to over my high school career is the rivalry of service clubs. During Club Day and meetings, members from clubs like Interact and Key Club debate, almost to the point of screaming, about which club is better. Events like Club Day are meant to promote the purpose of clubs.

As Cady Heron says in Mean Girls: “Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter.” Bashing another club doesn’t make your club any better. In fact, it makes your club look bad. Besides, is there really a better club? What’s so bad about being into volunteering with a particular service club?

It’s unfair to judge a club based on its size, members, officers, or projects. It’s even more unfair to judge a club that you aren’t a part of. Even if you were once part of the club, its members, officers, and projects are constantly changing. Members of all clubs should be trained to respect and support other clubs and service organizations.

A reason we have these service organizations is to be able to support bigger projects. Each organization has a different cause for which they focus most of their time and resources on, all of which are making a difference. Otherwise, we are virtually all the same club. Additionally, every club can help students develop leadership skills. Every club can make an impact. Every club can be fun and memorable. It’s up to the individual member to take initiative, utilize opportunities, and make the most of the experience.

Join a club because you think it will be a good fit for you. Define a “good fit” on your own terms: friends, the projects, spirit, events and so on. But most of all, spend your time with the club wisely. There’s an impact to be made.

Evan Kwong

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