Chromebooks to help combat standardized testing

In order to make test taking more efficient and to increase students’ access to computers, CVHS is purchasing 288 Google Chromebooks soon for students to use.  Students will be using the chromebooks to take the upcoming SBAC test in the spring.

CVHS will receive eight carts of 36 Chromebooks each.  Each cart will be like the iPad carts CVHS already has in its possession. Each Chromebook will have its own slot with a charger.  Four teachers are going to share one cart and take turns, being sure to take care of it.

“When you have machines in a computer lab, no one is paying attention to them and the machinery wears out quickly, but this way the equipment will be preserved,” said history teacher Jeff Goldstein, who is on two technology committees within the district.

The SBAC test, which is to be taken in the spring by juniors, requires that it be taken on a computer. This way, the test can be taken on the same computer devices, so all the processing speeds are the same.

“We don’t want to put kids in different labs working on machines with different processing speeds and different upgrades, so we purchased these so all students would be on the same device,” said Goldstein.

The Chromebooks are due to arrive in March, before the SBAC begins.