Liberal propaganda targeting student voters?

CameronOnce we turn 18 years old, we gain the right to vote. And while I am too young to vote myself, I have noticed a strong trend of students leaning towards the left.

The ideas of liberals seem to be aimed towards younger people, as seen in their stances on issues like education, and the legality of same-sex marriage. Many students these positions when they go onto different social media sites such as Facebook and Tumblr, and see pictures or documents supporting liberal ideas. I know from personal experience that many of my friends support these sites and use them for entertainment or school purposes. But when ideas evolve into persuading people to choose a side in modern day politics, students are the most vulnerable.

I am saying this from experience. I have seen many things relating to liberal ideas, and have been quickly herded closer to that side, due to ideas relating to education from seeing a mere picture of someone holding a sign explaining teachers’ rights. The thought that people can be persuaded so easily to join one side or the other intrigues me. Will our children be just as liberal?

Aside from the almost invisible Fox News supporting advertisements on Facebook and YouTube, I do not have much access to different forms of conservative propaganda. I do not watch Fox News, due to all of the bad things I have seen on Tumblr about it, and have never heard a word spoken from Rush Limbaugh’s mouth. Because of all of the bad things I’ve heard from friends or seen on the Internet about the different forms of conservative propaganda, I feel that it is much less likely for someone at the ripe age of 16, living in the Bay Area to have those sort of ideas.

Students are being quickly pulled in with hopes of higher pay for teachers, or pro-choice ideas relating abortion, without batting an eye at the other side of the political line. We need to examine things critically, and avoid having our own ideas replaced by the onslaught of ideas thrown upon us. I am not saying it is bad to take a side but I feel that the propaganda targeting students may soon be getting out of hand.

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