The real purpose of joining a club is to be a part of it

KellyWhen I passed out flyers for Key Club on Club Day,  I was asked by one particular freshman, “Which club looks better to colleges?”

You can’t expect to join a club and have it change your life right then and there.  You have to engage, involve, and immerse yourself.  You have to find the part of it that you love and to which you feel connected.  That part can be the social aspect, the volunteering aspect, or the leadership aspect.  The real purpose behind joining a club is to be part of it, not only to join it.

I’d paused and thought about what to say to the freshman.  It was natural for underclassmen to join clubs mainly because they wanted to look better on their college applications.  I was one of them, joining five clubs last year.

My opinion is based off of quality vs. quantity.  Quality isn’t just what you do; it’s why you do something.  Not everyone is cut out to be a leader, and that’s fine.  As hard as it may be to believe, colleges, or whoever you’re joining the club for (hopefully yourself) are going to look for more than just attendance to the club; they’re going to look for commitment and dedication.  You don’t need passion to be dedicated, but your dedication will fuel your passion.

Not everyone loves Key Club, and I totally accept that.  Some people might be under the impression that we’re the “party/Asian” club, and no matter how hard we to work to change their minds, they just won’t.  And that’s okay.  Other service organizations run very similarly to Key Club, so maybe those clubs will fit them better.  The reality is, we’re all the same.  We all want to help the world.  We all want to serve our communities.  We all want to make connections and friends.

What makes each club different is dependent on each individual’s experience.  What do you like?  How will you want to make an impact?  Why do you want to do this?

I smiled and told the freshman that it was up to him to find out for himself, and that whoever reads his application will know why he was in the club, and what he made of it.

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