Be a star and stop bullying

Around a week ago, I was on my computer checking my email. My sister was on the computer next to mine and she was on YouTube searching for a video to watch that was related to Justin Bieber.

After a while, she finally decided on a video to watch. It started out with Bieber at a concert. But towards the middle of the video, a boy named Casey Heynes came onto the screen.

My first thought was, “Why was this boy in a video with Justin Bieber?”

As I continued to watch the video, I learned that Heynes was a victim of bullying. A flashback got me all worked up because Heynes was being punched over and over again and no one was helping the poor kid. Not only was I angry about the fact that no one was helping him out, but people were standing around and video-taping the scene. But suddenly Heynes stood up for himself and he punched the kid that was attacking him. At that point, I was cheering on Heynes and I was telling my sister that the bully deserved the beating that Heynes gave him. But I still didn’t know why Heynes was in a video that Bieber was in.

Towards the middle of the video, I got my answer. Justin Bieber wanted to spread the message that you have to stand up for yourself, and never say never. Also in the video he implied that bullying happens everywhere and everyone can make a difference if they choose to help the cause.

Before I watched this video, I knew that bullying was wrong, but I always thought that the victim didn’t need my help. I thought that if you didn’t like being bullied, you had the power to stop it. But after watching this video, I realized that not many people stand up for themselves, and some of these people need a friend to help them out at times.

The video also made me realize that the phrase “even one can make a difference” is very true, because one million starts with one. Therefore, when I see someone being bullied or just need help in general, I’ll be there to help. And you should, too.

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