Talented CVHS alumnus premieres original mixtape

I believe in music― its exhilaration, its salvation, its humor, its elated nobility, and its power to pierce the basic fineness of a human being. I believe in the sound that flows through the mind with a concentrated intensity that baffles basic description.

Amidst the mainstream songs that plague our society today, discovering music that possesses this type of sound is hard to come across. However, I discovered it immediately when listening to Christian Louisana’s mixtape, Growth. Louisana graduated last year and premiered his original mixtape in August.

The mixtape is arranged in chronological order as Lousiana was most interested in showing his audience how he has progressed as an artist over time. Written over various instrumentals, Growth is a product of this 18-year-old’s complex emotions tangled into clever lyrics for each song.

“One thing I stand by religiously for each song I create is that I absolutely cannot write or rap anything that isn’t true,” said Louisiana. “I think trials and things that test me as a person provide the most inspiration.”
The mixtape serves as a lens into Louisana’s tribulations over the past few years and has an inspiring effect on teenagers. Ever since I was introduced to his tape, I have listened to several tracks repeatedly. From songs with an exciting beat to songs that have a mellow tone, there is sure to be a song in this tape for all lovers of music.

His regard and passion for music and hip-hop is evident, especially when listening to his work. Louisana is constantly being inspired by various artists and working on new material for his many fans.

“I make music simply because I love to do so,” he explained.

Louisana has high hopes to pursue music as a career but is primarily focusing on his college education. He is currently studying at California State East Bay in Hayward.

“I’m going to keep making music my way,” says Louisana. “I’m well aware that music is a highly competitive area of work—a lot of people want to do it. But I’m taking life as it comes. If a career comes to me, so be it.”
Growth is available for free downloads on MediaFire and all information concerning Louisana’s work can be found on his Facebook and Twitter.

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