Students should learn to appreciate their education

I was raised to believe that school was the only way to succeed in life and that I should be grateful for the opportunities that were given to me. Now, when I look at the attitudes of students they just seem not to care for doing their work or even wanting to try in school.

Typically when you look at American high schools, you see that most of the students do not truly put forth a full effort.  There are so many third world countries that don’t have an educational system even close to anything like in America. Their people look at our schools and think how euphoric they’d feel to be so lucky to attend such a place.

There are so many children who will stay illiterate not because of choice, but because they don’t even have the opportunity to attend school. Even knowing this, Americans still diminish and brush off school as something that takes up too much of their time. I hear students constantly complaining about how school makes their lives so hard. If you think life with school is hard, try life without it. As Americans, we are the lucky ones who are given the chance to go to school and improve our lives.

I cannot say that I love all of my classes, but I can say that I do appreciate them all. I like to learn new information; I like to broaden my horizon of the world. I am not saying that we need to find a way to make all American students love school. To resolve their lack of effort I believe that we should have foreign students go to all schools and explain their lives of being illiterate. We have a lot of assemblies promoting school spirit, our sport teams, and homecoming.  We can spare one assembly to go towards this good cause. There is so much to learn in this world; we should all make the most of it.

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