Keeping faith in Apple after Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the visionary behind the first Apple computer, changed the way we view technology today. Product after product has somehow satisfied each customer with sleek designs and smooth function; without him, will Apple ever be the same?

On Oct. 5, Jobs’ death hit the world. News reporters, fans, customers, and even enemies were shocked at the news that this great CEO, who ruled with an iron thumb, could just disappear.

A lot of people say that Steve Jobs is Apple and Apple is Steve Jobs, and that without him the company will never be the same. This statement was drilled into the American mind, and can lead to an economic disaster. Days after his death, the iPhone 4 made its debut, and people around the nation lined up in the middle of the night just to buy one of the last products that Jobs had influenced, because the next products might never be the same without Jobs in the picture.

    Apple is a company that was first created by Jobs, and he has since led the company to the point it is at today. Jobs attracted customers and potential shareholders by always being ahead of everyone else; he found potential in products that people would never have thought of. By using these unique products, he molded them into a masterpiece. Even when he had pancreatic cancer, he still continued creating new products that demanded the world’s attention.

Since the time I could understand computers, Mac has always been the product that drew my attention. I love the software Mac computers used, the fast and efficient way the computers operated, and the computers’ amazing graphics. When the first iPhone came out, I was begging my parents to buy me one, but sadly the cost was just too high.  Even though Apple computers cost thousands of dollars, customers keep coming back to buy more and more.  Apple time and time again never let me down; I know that if I were to buy one of its products, I’d be satisfied with it.  Without Jobs behind the scenes, though, I start to question each and every product.

When Jobs stepped down as CEO, he still had a position of being a board chairman, but now we have nothing except a memory of him and his creations. The new CEO, Tim Cook, has to prove to the world that the next generation of Apple will revolutionize technology yet again. Otherwise, he better prepare for bankruptcy.

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