Editorial: Freedom rings from cell phones

We at The Olympian congratulate the school for loosening up on the cell phone policy. Students now have the privilege to use their cell phones during break and lunch without penalty.

We believe that this decision is advantageous to the student population because students will not feel the need to sneak around and hide their electronic devices from administration and staff.    

Schools like CVHS should begin adjusting to modern times. It is a good decision to advance with the community and allow technological advancements on the campus. It is important for schools to let go of the old ways of running schools and develop new, effective ways to reach out to the student population.

No matter what people say, cell phones have become a necessity to the average teenager. These nifty little devices provide information about the world, allow communication with friends and family members in emergencies and help remind friends about lunchtime club meetings or projects. 

Students will have the opportunity to be up-to-date with important local and world news. Cell phones can also help students prepare for class discussions about current events and news stories. 

Using cell phones during break will give students the chance to take a quick break between classes. They can discuss their problems and concerns and blow off the stress that is building up due to a busy schedule. If friends can’t meet up, they can communicate with each other by texting or calling. 

The Olympian thanks CVHS administration for changing the cell phone policy to one that everyone finds beneficial and useful.

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