Graduation plans take shape

Four different plans for senior graduation have been announced by Principal Blaine Torpey. The graduation plan that will be used will depend on COVID conditions recorded on May 1. Each health tier determines a different graduation plan. But no matter the health conditions, each plan include a virtual graduation.

If Alameda County is in the purple COVID tier, then there will be a drive-through diploma pickup. The red tier would mean a walk-through pickup. The orange tier allow modified small in-person ceremonies, a live stream, and limited spectators. A yellow tier graduation would mean a larger in-person ceremony and live stream.

As a result of unpredictable changes in health circumstances, the decision on May 1 may change by graduation day.

“The planning will have to be fluid and flexible enough for us to have as much leeway as possible,” wrote Principal Blaine Torpey in an e-mail.

Any in-person activities relating to graduation will still follow state and county health guidelines and will be held on district property, preferably at CVHS. In-person activities will also limit the number of people allowed to attend, only a few per senior.

To help with planning for end of the year activities, there will be a committee representing different groups.

Assistant Principal Tracy Fields is overseeing the graduation ceremony this year. She will work with the committee to prepare for graduation.

The graduation committee has discussed several options and musts for graduation. Committee members and staff came to an agreement that family members will not be invited to the in-person ceremony in order to have one big graduation. The welcoming part of the ceremony is absolute, where the word “welcome” will be spoken in various languages.

The focus for graduation will be placed more on the students this year, limiting the amount of staff speeches and family interaction. Despite agreeing on some of these plans, much of graduation plan remains uncertaint.

“We’re in a pandemic, so we’re not sure what it’s going to look like,” said Fields.

Graduation committee members have decided on a few important decisions regarding graduation, but they are taking the uncertainty as an opportunity to include some of their own ideas. It is likely that more of their ideas will come into fruition in later meetings.

“I do have some hope about the ideas brought up in the meeting and the things we can do,” said senior Nadine Ratinho, a member of the graduation committee.

2 thoughts on “Graduation plans take shape

  • April 19, 2021 at 9:21 am

    I agree with most of the seniors, as I too am attending school through the in-person schedule because I want to spend at least some time physically at school before I go to college. And now that the school is open, well not completely, it gives hope that we will have a “normal” graduation, which is something to look forward to.

  • March 17, 2021 at 2:49 pm

    The idea of an in-person “normal” graduation sounds really nice, and maybe more attainable with the vaccine, but I just really want to prioritize everyone’s safety and health first

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