CVUSD campuses closure extended

CVUSD campuses will remain closed for the remainder of the school year after Gov. Gavin Newsom directed schools on April 1 to work “with the expectation now that schools will not reopen.” 

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond had earlier suggested in a March 31 letter that “our students will not be able to return to school campuses before the end of the year” and urged districts to focus on expanding and refining distance learning policies.

Although over two dozen states have ordered school campuses to close, Newsom refrained from doing so, instead allowing individual districts to make the decision to remain closed. Most districts in the state have voluntarily complied. 

Because students will not return to traditional instruction, CVUSD announced that a credit/no credit grading system will be used for second semester grades, which means advanced classes will not offer a grade boost. Additionally, students who passed classes in the third quarter will earn a passing grade for the semester.

The UC and California State University systems have lowered entrance requirements for students, mainly next year’s seniors, who worry that closures and new grading policies may affect their college prospects. Pass/fail grades will be accepted for required classes and standardized testing scores are not required.

“By removing artificial barriers and decreasing stressors . . . we hope there will be less worry for our future students,” said UC Board of Regents chair John Perez.

Teachers at CVHS are not worried that students in the fall will need to catch up. “I am hopeful that students will be offered many opportunities to fill in the gap from the end of this school year,” said teacher Barbara Andersen.

Many students are disappointed that they will not return to school, but seniors, in particular, are upset that they will not have a proper conclusion to high school. 

“I’m just sad,” said senior Tyler D’Errico. “We aren’t having a proper graduation and we don’t get a GPA boost for our advanced classes this quarter.”

However, CVHS officials have assured students that they are working on alternatives to many end-of-year events. 

“Seniors, know that we are not giving up on memorializing this time in your lives,” said Principal Blaine Torpey. “I don’t have concrete answers yet for what this is going to look like but we are working hard behind the scenes to figure out how we are going to celebrate and honor your achievements and your efforts.”

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