CVHS combines dance and cheer team

The CVHS varsity cheer team and dance team have combined into a Spirit Squad this year. Dance coach Monica Barrios is now the coach for the varsity cheer team as well. 

“The teams are still completely separate, I’m just the coach for both,” Barrios said. 

The varsity cheer team is responsible for the sideline cheers, and both teams perform a halftime show. Both teams will cheer and perform, but they will have different choreography. During Homecoming, both the varsity and junior varsity teams performed the halftime show together, like normal. 

“It’s a little frustrating and stressful to learn more choreography this year,” said sophomore Zoe Farago, a member of the dance team. 

Although there is more to learn, it can create a better performance overall. 

“I think it’s good that we cheer together, because it gives the crowd something more to look at,” said sophomore Brooke Eickmann, a varsity cheerleader.

The fans would agree that they like watching the dancers and cheerleaders. 

“It’s really fun to go to games and watch my friends cheer and dance for our team,” said junior Sarah Kang. 

The student section at home football games even joins the fun by chanting and dancing along with the cheers.

Having the dance team and the cheer team become the spirit squad also brings a sense of togetherness and unity to its members, helping us to keep our Trojan spirit strong.

“I like the combination because it lets us be united, especially when we do dances and stunts,” said junior Gaby Pinto, a varsity cheerleader.

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