District runs the pool now

Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) has taken over management of the CVHS pool, which will save the district money and implement some changes. 

CVUSD and the Hayward Area Recreation Department (HARD) have been working together this past summer to renew some of their agreements on ownership, property lines, and use. 

“In the past, we rented the pool from HARD for our student programs and now HARD will rent the pool for swimming classes in the summer from us. Now that we have full control of renting the facility, we are able to put our student programs first,” said Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi. 

The CVHS water polo teams and swim teams will be able to have a more flexible practice schedule and the pool will still be available for the community to use.

  “We now have ownership of the swimming pool with the understanding that it will continue to remain a swimming pool for Castro Valley students as well as continuing programs to benefit the community,” said Ahmadi. 

The pool was built back in 1963 by HARD on the CVHS property for school and community use. In 2016, HARD spent $1.5 million to upgrade the swimming pool. 

However, the school district always owned the land and made a new agreement with HARD to take management of it. HARD will rent the pool for lessons in the summer.

Some other properties brought up in the discussion includes the Chabot softball field, Adobe Park and Adobe Buildings, and additional acres of land next to Creekside Middle School.