Castro Valley will be improved by sidewalks, bike lanes, more

The Alameda County Public Works Agency is working on Santa Maria Avenue just next to CVHS. What new amenities will this project bring to our community? The construction will bring bike lanes, sidewalks, gutters, and enhanced crosswalks.

Construction started in February and is expected to end fall 2019. The construction team is working to complete the blueprint design currently. The construction stretches all the way to Wilson Avenue.

Because a lot of students walk to school, improvements on crosswalks and sidewalks are necessary. The new crosswalks will have pedestrians ramps, which make crossing the street a lot safer. There will be new sidewalks on both sides of the street

Due to the many people and even some teachers who bike to school, the project will bring a bike lane to the avenue. The bike lane will be a Class 3 bike lane. Class 3 bike lanes are designated for both a motor vehicle and bike to safely travel in the same area. The new bike lanes will help bikers stay away from dangerous ongoing traffic.

ACPWA will also be planting more street trees. Some of the proposed trees that could possibly be planted are Chionanthus Retusus (Chinese Fringe Tree), Lagerstroemia ‘Biloxi’ (Pink Crepe Myrtle), or the Tristania Laurina (Swamp Myrtle).

All these new improvements sound great, but what will happen to the amount of traffic and limited parking space during construction? Getting to and from school is already a hassle due to the heavy traffic. The construction may exacerbate this problem.

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