Students protest for transgender rights

The LGBTQ Alliance organized a protest against the erasure of transgender people on Nov. 6.

“President Trump recently announced his attempt to redefine gender as something that cannot be changed,” says LGBTQ Alliance President Ash Castro.

President Trump and the Department of Health and Human Services are working to redefine the current definition of sex, making the only options either male or female as documented at the time of birth, according to an article in the New York Times.

After the Obama administration took the stand of gender being one’s own choice, the new administration’s stance is a step backwards in many minds.

The Trump administration has already attempted to block transgender people from entering the military and is now seeking to legally take away their civil rights protections in health care law.

The protest took place in the quad during break where 28 students and four teachers participated.

Protester Alexis Engbrock was “not happy” about the level of participation.

“There’s barely anyone here and it’s because our school’s not really standing together,” she said.

Some of the protesters felt the low turnout was because transgender rights do not affect as many students lives and people feel uncomfortable standing up for them.

“We are always going to be second class,” said Engbrock.

When asked what is needed to happen to ensure transgender rights, Castro said “educating ourselves, staying politically aware, protesting, and participating in government elections.”

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