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Teachers Union President Leaves District for Greener Pastures

Mark Mladinich has been elected as the new president of Castro Valley Teachers Association (CVTA). Current president Roger Kim has announced he is stepping down.

Kim has decided to leave Castro Valley and take another job in the Mountain View-Los Altos District which offers better pay and benefits, he said.

“I’m sad that I won’t be finishing my career in Castro Valley,” said Kim, a social studies teacher. “I do not see a future here, and that is sad for our educators, but even worse for our students.”

Kim believes CVUSD needs to raise teachers’ salaries to compete with surrounding districts. If this does not happen, he suggests that higher quality teachers will continue to leave for better districts, hurting both students and staff.

“I am the third CVTA president to leave the district for greener pastures,” Kim said.

Mladinich has taught social studies at CVHS for 20 years and thanked Kim for his service.

“Mr. Kim has been an excellent voice for CVTA; there are big shoes to fill,” said Mladinich.

Mladinich pointed out that he did not want to stray from Kim’s work, but instead continue it into his presidency. He mentioned that he wanted to continue to increase member and community involvement in the union.

“Just like the Golden State Warriors, I believe in strength in numbers,” said Mladinich about his goal to increase engagement.