CV wins gold in biotech quiz bowl

Two teams from CVHS won gold and bronze in the Biotechnology Quiz Bowl at Ohlone College’s Newark campus on Thursday, Feb. 15.

CVHS students were split into teams of four. The team that had won first place consisted of Soheil Khan, Tony Gugg, Nick Kincaid, and Noah Kwong. The third place team consisted of Kelly Chen, Caitlyn Carden, Sara Roderick, and Molly Brown. Students had the opportunity to win gift cards from the competition. Other students had come to cheer on their peers to win.

“Some students from here went as spectators instead of being in it. Other teams who were no longer playing were cheering on their teammates from their school. Overall, it was pretty fun,” said Biotechnology teacher Laura O’Brien.

Teams participating were given questions regarding biotech questions, pop culture, and sports. Each question was to be answered within a time limit using a buzzer. Each team played in multiple rounds against other schools. There were around five other teams participating against CVHS.

CVHS has participated in the Biotechnology Quiz Bowl since 2014. Within the five years of participating, biotech teams from CVHS have won first place in three out of five years. Previously in 2014, two CVHS teams were matched against each other forcing only one team to go on due to the bracket of the matches.

Students who apply to Ohlone can gain college credits from taking biotech classes if they earn a B or higher as well as filling out some paperwork.

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