New classes come with new perspectives for a new year

Amongst the other changes that students face with school schedules, tutorial, and more, multiple new classes have also been introduced to CVHS.

Students were given new options for classes they are able to enroll in for the 2018-2019 school year including Fashion, Jewelry Making, and most anticipated of all, Arabic.

“I think adding a new language was a good move so we have more diversity of languages in the department and allow students to expand beyond the languages we have now,” said junior Katelyn Lance.

Many students are happy that the school is providing more options for students. An addition of a new language will open CVHS up to new perspectives about the world, a contrast to the majority of European languages that are currently offered.

“Arabic is the language of Islam and it is so exciting that our school is offering it because it could widen the students’ perspectives. With the muslim ban and the Islamophobia in the country, it is the perfect timing to have Arabic offered,” said junior Amika Singh.

In the past year, many of the actions of the federal government, including the travel ban, have brought to light the prominent feeling against people of the Middle East.

As Arabic is the dominant language in the Middle East and the language of the Quran, the introduction of Arabic shows a different perspective and the chance for many to learn more about these cultures.

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