CVHS green ribbon pilot program in effect

Last year, CVHS tried to get teachers and students to empty recycle bins each day at the end of school. This pilot program was part of the school’s effort to get a Green Ribbon Award provided by CV Sanitary District (CVSan).

But unfortunately, some teachers failed to follow through with the program and CVHS was unable to complete the requirements to obtain the Green Ribbon Award.

“Considering the whole year we worked on it, to find out we didn’t receive it was very disappointing,” recalled Katie Tam, last year’s environmental commissioner.

However, Smart Environment Club (SEC) and environmental commissioners are working hard to make sure the school receives the Green Ribbon Award this year.

Their new plan includes a bigger emphasis on the recycling pilot program, which calls for a student in every Wednesday seventh period class to dump the recycling into the larger bin in the hallway. On top of that, they are giving more effort to the three bin pilot program which includes recycling, organics, and trash containers in each classroom.

“It’s important for every teacher to select a student from their seventh period to bring out bins to the hallway. Or else we won’t receive the huge grant,” said current environmental commissioner Raana Naghieh.

Additionally, SEC has hosted multiple events to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and students are working hard to help support the program. They also meet with CVSan once a month alongside the environmental commissioners and plan to keep raising awareness of being environmentally conscious at CVHS.

“Teacher participation is crucial for the Pilot Program to move forward. Without their cooperation, we lose green ribbon certification and over $3,000,” said activities director Michael Kentris.

To ensure that we are able to receive the Green Ribbon packet certification, it’s very important that teachers pay attention to emails, announcements, and videos promoting each program. With cooperation from students and staff, there is a bigger chance of obtaining the huge reward along with great benefits and continual support for zero waste activities.

“I think the waste produced at CVHS is a more important issue than students believe it is. It’s critical that everyone sorts their waste to reduce the school’s environmental footprint,” remarked Smart Environment Club President Mia Babasyan.

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