An increase in school lunch prices surprises students

As you may have noticed this school year, cafeteria lunches have increased in price from $3 to $3.50. There have been many changes in the cafeteria department, and there will be a new lunch station on CVHS campus. Students can expect to see distinct changes regarding school lunches.

“I am definitely going to change and add some new products and larger portions at CVHS,” stated Lisa Maloney, new head of CVUSD cafeterias.

Not only will the variety in school lunches increase, but the availability will as well. The portable between the new mat room and 900 hall has been sitting there since last year, but, according to Maloney, it is in the process of being transformed into another lunch station.

“The portable should be open in the near future. We are working with the architects and the health department now to get everything finished so we can start serving as soon as possible,” said Maloney.

Once preparations for the new station are completed, CVHS students can expect an additional spot on the map from which to purchase lunch. When the lunch bell rings, the collective groan of numerous students echos through the campus as they routinely stand in line. Sometimes, students sprint across the courtyard in hopes of being first to buy lunch, before the masses arrive. The new lunch station will hopefully shrink the neverending lines elsewhere.

In regards to the increased lunch prices, the extra 50 cents is necessary to afford more variety. The new cost initially came as a surprise to most students.

“I had to dig through my backpack to find 50 more cents, and I was scared that I wouldn’t get my chicken pattie,” recounted junior Hannah Johansson.

However, CVHS students do like to see more variety in their options when purchasing their lunch every day. Junior Aleya Dolorfino enjoys the Asian noodle chicken salad, which was added to the menu this year.

“Honestly, I really like how they change up the meal choices everyday because it give the students a chance to pick different meal plans and hopefully steer them towards a healthier diet,” said Dolorfino.

While the hassle of having to pay half a dollar more for lunch might be annoying, the cafeteria will be able to sell a wide variety of healthier options in more locations.

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