CVHS resolves counselor shortage

Three CVHS counselors are now out for the rest of the school year. Ivery McKnight, Mike Byer, and Jamie Wilson all took leaves on personal matters. During the early days of their absence, students had been reassigned to the remaining counselors, thus intensifying their caseloads. Retired counselor Lorrie Barrera, Thierry Tresguerres, and Cyndi Valone are now filling in for the remainder of the year. Wilson has resigned permanently with a permanent replacement counselor expected by next year.

“Our goal is to create something as seamless as possible in being capable to speak with someone on student needs.  Aside from having new counselors come in, the other remaining counselors have really stepped up to cover the new work until they arrived,” said Assistant Principal Marisol Arkin.

This change of organization within the office led to the prompt hiring of new replacement counselors for the remainder of the year. Additionally, they serve as contingencies if the original  counselors don’t return next year.  When the positions were not filled, the remaining counselors stepped up and took on the caseloads in addition to their own.

“I owe the counselors who have been here through this time of transition an incredible amount of gratitude. When we find out someone is leaving there is lag time between then and when we get somebody in there. It left it up to the four remaining counselors to double up and assist those that need help,” said Principal Blaine Torpey.

Fortunately, finding replacements for the counselors was not as difficult as perceived. As the end of the school year approaches, the hiring season commences, and in the event of staff shortage, administration would readily be able to find a suitable candidate to fill the position in a timely manner.

“I think because of the timing, this is really the hiring season for staff. Spring is a much easier time to find replacements for staff as opposed to the fall. September or October is when it’s a bit more challenging,” said Torpey.

Tresguerres is the replacement counselor for Wilson and has found his job to be quite exciting, despite the compounded workload.

“I came from a way more chaotic environment, so I appreciate the order and systems here at the school. Every little detail has been thought about, even when things like this happen,” he said.

Upon his arrival Tresguerres was surrounded by helpful staff and students that assisted him in getting started.

“Everyone has stopped by to say hello and answer some of my questions. I wasn’t able to answer as many questions in the beginning because it’s a totally different system here. I took notes of their questions and asked around,” said Tresguerres.

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